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Welcoming Oscar back to Mudbrick

Mudbrick will always be first and foremost the family business and we are thrilled to have Oscar joining (or rejoining) as Operations Manager!

“In 1992, my parents Nick and Robyn Jones bought a piece of farmland situated on the rolling hills of Church Bay. They had a vision and began experimenting with making wine. 30 years later, it has grown into fine dining and accommodation experiences surrounded by the beautiful Waiheke Island landscape.

They called this slice of paradise Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant, after the materials used to build our original family home and the winery.

OJ at MB

Most of my time growing up was spent at Mudbrick, I’d estimate this photo was taken circa 1999. I’m holding a plush unicorn acting as an essential helper to the winemaker who produced one of the very first few vintages of Mudbrick wine. Things have changed a bit since, I look a bit different and so does the Mudbrick.

I’ve been asked a lot over the last few years why I wouldn’t go back to work at Mudbrick. I have always wanted to, but also wanted to walk my own talk and get valuable commercial experience first. I wanted to obtain my CA, work for the Big 4 and learn the tricks of the trade you couldn’t get anywhere else which I am happy to have done for the past 5 years. I have worked with some amazingly talented individuals and I’m so grateful to my managers, mentors and coaches at EY and Deloitte. Truely wonderful and supportive people and I am really lucky to have learned from all of you.

With all that has happened over the last few years through COVID and family health challenges, I feel now is the right time to hang up the suit, in favor of my jeans and boots.

Admittedly, they are big boots to help fill but I am excited to join in the family business and help be part of the next phase of what was envisioned all those years ago. There is an amazing Mudbrick team and I super excited to be part of it going forward.

I do hope I will see you soon. I’ll be waiting with a glass of your favourite drop, just 35 minutes from the Auckland CBD!”