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Velvet Society Annual Dinner 2019

On Saturday 9th November, Mudbrick’s Velvet Society Dinner celebrated a fantastic 2019 vintage on Waiheke Island with a classic ‘’Vintage’’ theme.

At Mudbrick, Velvet is the crème de la crème, produced from the highest quality bunches of Bordeaux blend varietals – and only when there has been an exceptional harvest. This year was particularly special as it is the first vintage since 2015 that the harvest was deemed of high enough quality to produce a Velvet; moreover the harvest was so good that a special release of Syrah named after the Jones’ son Oscar will be released following 2017’s Francesca Chardonnay.

Cheers to a fantastic 2019 vintage for Mudbrick and Waiheke!

To learn more about our Velvet Society and how to join, click here.